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put money together to

preserve and enjoy islands

Project of an organization

Insulae.org is currently a one-man, unincorporated conservational organization, looking for funds and some collaborators.

What I’m going to do

I’d like to form an organization to acquire, restore, preserve and maintain natural and cultural heritage, such as traditional houses, biotopes and landmarks, land, islands, old cars, classic boats, antiques, collectibles... everything which deserves to be protected and conserved.

Properties will be bought in various countries and owned by foundations, set up in relevant jurisdictions. Being acquired and hold by a foundation is the ideal solution for the correct preservation of anything has a historic, aesthetic or naturalistic interest. Since I am in Italy, a country rich in neglected heritage, the first obvious step is to form an Italian foundation.

To have a foundation officially recognized as a legal entity, Italian laws require a preexisting suitable endowment, thus I’m collecting donations to form one.
EUR 100,000 should be just enough to start, while to become fully operational a realistic estimate is EUR 10,000,000.

Once restored, acquired properties will be used by the organization or, when compatible with conservation, rented to cover their maintenance. Everyone who makes a donation is entitled to join, at a further stage, a supporting community whose members will be periodically selected, on a random basis, for free stays in properties of their choice.

Donate now, and you will have repeated chances to enjoy a vacation in a beautiful place saved with your contribution. According to your specific skills you might also be eligible to participate in restoration or maintenance trips, become a permanent caretaker, an inspector, or assume other roles in the organization.

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